Green Visitor Charter

Cheviot Sheep can be seen about Happy Vale

Cheviot Sheep can be seen about Happy Vale

It is the natural environment of the Mourne Mountains that makes Happy Vale such an attractive place to visit. This environment is shared between hill farming, wildlife and recreational use. Visitors should minimise any impact of their visit and promote the benefits to the local area of having environmentally aware guests.


It is possible for guests to use the bus service from Belfast to Newcastle and then Taxis or the Mourne Rambler bus service. This will not suit all visitors but all visitors should try to enjoy some of the walks available from Happy Vale and give the car a rest on some days. Cycling from the cottage is also excellent and the large bike store/drying room helps facilitate this.

Respect for the Environment

Dogs are not permitted at Happy Vale because it is a hill farming area. Just the sight of a dog may cause sheep to run causing injuries.

We regularly clear all roadside rubbish from Happy Vale to Happy Valley and when in the mountains, guests are encourages to gather a few items of rubbish if seen so they have made some improvement.

Conserving Energy and Water

Nearly all the bulbs at Happy Vale are high efficiency LED bulbs. Guests are asked to switch off lights when not needed.

All the electrical appliances in Happy Vale were selected for their energy efficiency, all TVs are LED screens. Guests are asked not to leave electrical items on standby when not required, they may still be using half their usual power.

Shop Local

Local mini supermarkets available in Kilcoo and Castlewellan – see links

Mourne Rambler bus stop Fofanny Dam

Mourne Rambler bus stop Fofanny Dam

Walkers are not charged for access to the Mourne Mountains so please take some days at paid activities so as to contribute to the area.

Renew, Reuse, Recycle

Guests are asked to place waste glass bottles, aluminium cans, batteries and compost waste(not food waste) in the boxes/bins provided in the drying room. These are in addition to the normal recycling (blue) bin

Mourne Mountain Rescue Service

Guests can enjoy the Mourne Mountains safe in the knowledge that if something goes wrong the volunteers from the Mourne Mountain Rescue Service will give of their time to come to your aid. Guests are encouraged to support them at Mourne Mountain Rescue. All the profit from the tumble dryer at Happy Vale is donated to MMR (but a direct donation is more efficient).